Bamboo an eco-friendly flooring solution.

We specialise in strand woven bamboo flooring for the Australian Market. Bamboo flooring is unique in that it's eco friendly, mostly cheaper than alternative wooden flooring and will last longer under heavy traffic than most hardwoods.

If you're considering bamboo flooring for your home here's some little known secrets about bamboo floors.

* It's insect Resistant

* Rapid Renewability in manufactoring (good for the environment)

* Durable

* Dimensional stability is excellent

* Cheaper than most other hardwood floor options

Bamboo is a wonderfully durable and remarkable plant. It has been used for flooring, construction, furniture and other structures for thousands of years. It's tensile strength is comparable to steel and it's a natural product with a look of elegance and beauty about it.

Bamboo flooring has long been popular with interior designers and artichitucts because of its dimensional stability and elegant look and style. This combined with its rapid renewability makes it an eco friendly choice for your home (Bamboo is typically 20% more stable than your average hardwood floor and bamboo regenerates in about 1/10th of the time it takes for hardwood forests to reach maturity)

Traditional hardwood trees take approximately 20-60 years to reach maturity whereas bamboo will mature in around 5-6 years. By using Bamboo Flooring you're not only making your home look fantastic, your helping your wallet and the environment too!

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